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The 191st Commitee on Innovative Interface Bonding Technology

Room-temperature bonding is an original technology of Japan. Over the past 10 years, Japan has been the international hub for R&D in this field. 3D device integration and MEMS packaging based on room-temperature hetero-wafer bonding are attracting international attention. Components of this technology are already being applied to mass-production. The research has revealed a large number of potential applications: Not limited to semiconductors and metals, this bonding technology can also be extend to glass, organic fiber, silicon photonics, and optical microsystems as well as next-generation displays, solar cells and fuel cells. It even shows potential application to flexible electronics. As international interest heightens in this technology, other countries have begun eying similar bonding techniques. The US and Europe are showing brisk research activity in this field of room-temperature bonding, pioneered by Japan. If Japan should waver in its thrust, it could cause a thinning of its researcher layer in this field along with a weakening of its networks.

Against this backdrop, the Committee on Innovative Interface Bonding Technology was established to go beyond advancing room-temperature bonding as a mere bonding technique. Rather, its mission is to advance the development of a more substantive material interface generation technology and, by utilizing the latest advances in interface science and analytical technology, to formulate a new bonding and interface theory. For that purpose the Committee provides a platform that brings together researchers from the academic world who are advancing basic research toward introducing new bonding processes that increase bonding reliability and researchers in the industrial world who are working to develop technologies to meet new manufacturing needs.

The Committee surveys the latest R&D trends in both Japan and abroad so as to navigate Japan’s direction in advancing interface generation technologies, especially room-temperature bonding and surface-activated bonding. Towards this end, it carries out overseas surveys, periodically holds closed meetings, and convenes hearing to which it invites overseas researchers. In addition, the Committee works to identify basic bonding and interface problems and seeks ways to solve them from the three perspectives listed below. In doing so, its ultimate objective is to systematize bonded interface generation technologies and propose new processes for achieving them.

By way of these activities, the Committee seeks to sustain Japan’s position as the flagship within the international R&D flotilla on room-temperature bonding technology, while contributing to Japan’s industrial development by producing state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies.

Apply room-temperature bonding to new devices and function creation (smart device processes)
Advance and systematize basic technologies for generating bonded interfaces (develop new bonding processes)
Analyze bonded interfaces; elucidate interface generation mechanisms

Committee Chairperson
Tadatomo Suga
Professor, The University of Tokyo

October 2015 to September 2020 (First term, Five Years)

Membership Composition (As of Jul.2016)
Academia: 19
Industry: 31
Total membership: 50

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