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May 22, Wednesday
9:00 OPENING REMARKS 22O-01 [Keynote]  Microsystem Integration and Packaging – A Chronicle of the Surface Activated Bonding and its Future Outlook;Tadatomo Suga, Meisei University, Japan Co-Chairs:
F. Fournel,
E. Higurashi
(SAB) (1)
22O-02 Impact of Ar Atom Irradiation on the Crystallinity of GaAs/Si Interfaces Fabricated by Surface Activated Bonding at Room Temperature; Yutaka Ohno, Tohoku University, Japan
10:40 22O-03 Effect of Annealing Temperature on Diamond/Si Interfacial Structure; Jianbo Liang, Osaka City University, Japan
10:20-10:40 BREAK  
(SAB) (2)
22O-04 SiC-SiC Temporary Bonding Compatible with Rapid Thermal Annealing at 1000 ℃; Fengwen Mu, Waseda University / Meisei University, Japan Co-Chairs:
I. Radu,
J. M. Song
11:00 22O-05 SOI Wafer Fabricated with Extra Thick Deposited BOX Layer Using Surface Activated Bonding at Room Temperature for Customized Power Devices; Yoshihiro Koga, SUMCO corp., Japan
11:20 22O-06 Tiny Integrated Laser by Room Temperature Surface Activated Bonding; Arvydas Kausas, Institute for Molecular Science, Japan
11:40 22O-07 Oxide Removal for Low-Temperature Metal Thermo-Compression Wafer Bonding; Bernhard Rebhan, EV Group, Austria
12:00 22O-08 High Yield Chip-on-Wafer Low Temperature Plasma Activated Bonding for III-V/Si Hybrid Photonic Integration; Takehiko Kikuchi, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., Japan
12:20-12:30 (transfer, 5 minutes' walk)  
12:30-13:40 LUNCH <Honda no Mori>  
13:40-15:00 SHORT PRESENTAION for POSTER (1) <Honda no Mori> MC:
N. Kawamata,
H. Ishida
15:00-16:10 COFFEE BREAK / POSTER (1) <Honda no Mori>  
16:10-17:30 SHORT PRESENTAION for POSTER (2) <Honda no Mori> MC:
N. Kawamata,
H. Ishida
17:30-17:40 (transfer, 5 minutes' walk)  
17:50  NOH STAGE
18:30-19:00  (transfer, 20 minutes' walk)
19:00  BANQUET <Gojukken Nagaya, Kanazawa Castle>
May 23, Thursday
8:40 ROLES OF LOW-TEMPERATURE BONDING IN 3D AND HETERO-INTEGRATION 23O-01 [Keynote]  Where is the Sweet Spot for Panel Level Packaging?; Tanja Braun, Fraunhofer IZM, Germany Co-Chairs:
K. Kurabayashi,
L. DiCioccio
9:20 23O-02 Low Temperature Cu-Cu Gang Bonding for RDL-First Fan-Out Panel Level Package; Kai Ming, Yang, Unimicron Technology Corp., Taiwan
9:40 23O-03 [Invited]  Robustness and Reliability Achievements for Direct Hybrid Bonding Integration: A Review; Stephane Moreau, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CEA, LETI, France
10:00 23O-04 Effect of N2 Plasma Treatment in Cu/SiO2 Hybrid Bonding Using Ultra-Thin Manganese Film; Kazumichi Tsumura, Toshiba Corporation, Japan
10:20-10:40  COFFEE BREAK  
10:40 FUNDAMENTALS OF NANO-BONDING 23O-05 [Invited]  Room Temperature GaN-Si Bonding via an Intermediate Atomic-Layer-Deposition Al2O3 Layer by Using O Ion Beam; Xinhua Wang, Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Co-Chairs:
K. H. Lee,
T. Shimatsu
11:00 23O-06 Pre-bonding Characterization of SiCN Enabled Wafer Stacking; Lan Peng, IMEC, Belgium
11:20 23O-07 Defect Identification in Bonding Surface Layers by Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy; Fumihiro Inoue, IMEC, Belgium
11:40-11:50 (transfer, 5 minutes' walk)  
11:50-13:00 LUNCH <Honda no Mori>  
13:00-13:50 POSTER (2) <Honda no Mori>  
13:50-14:00 (transfer, 5 minutes' walk)  
14:00 BONDING TECHNOLOGIES FOR 3D INTEGRATION (1) 23O-08 [Keynote]  Die to Wafer Direct Bonding: From Fundamental Mechanisms to Optoelectronic and 3D Applications; Frank Fournel, CEA-LETI, France Co-Chairs:
G.-Q. Lu,
S. Moreau
14:40 23O-09 Multichip Thinning Technology with Temporary Bonding for Multichip-to-Wafer 3D Integration; Sungho Lee, Tohoku University, Japan
15:00 23O-10 [Invited]  Die to Die High Yield DBI Assembly for True 3D Interconnect;Belgacem Haba, Xperi corp., USA
15:20-15:40 COFFEE BREAK  
15:40 POWER APPLICATIONS AND SOLDER BONDING 23O-11 [Invited]  Low-Temperature Silver Sintering for Bonding 3D Power Modules; Guo-Quan Lu, Virginia Tech, USA Co-Chairs:
T. Braun,
M. Howlader
16:00 23O-12 [Invited]  Wafer Bonding, A Key Stage For Power Devices; Lea Di Cioccio, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CEA, LETI, France
16:20 23O-13 Impact of Emitter Thermal Shunt for InP-based Double-Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors on SiC Substrate; Yuta Shiratori, NTT Corporation, Japan
16:40 23O-14 Room Temperature Bonding of GaN on Diamond by Using Mo/Au Nano-Adhesion Layer; Kang Wang, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China
17:00 23O-15 [Invited]  Thermodynamic and Kinetic Effects on Microstructure Evolution in Hybrid Low Temperature Solder/High-Sn Solder Joints; Yaohui Fan, Purdue University, USA
17:20 23O-16 [Invited]  Low Temperature Soldering: Enabling Advancements in Packaging; Morgana de Avila Ribas, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, India
17:40 23O-17 Precise Control of Electroplated 3D Solder Bumps for MEMS Packaging Applications; Ji Fan, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
18:00-19:00  (transfer, 20 minutes' walk)
May 24, Friday
08:20 LOW-TEMPERATURE BONDING FOR MEMS AND MICRO-FLUIDIC DEVICES 24O-01 [Keynote]  Flexible Sensors – Materials, Interfaces and Surfaces; Jamal Deen, McMaster University, Canada Co-Chairs:
W.-P. Dow,
B. Corbett
09:00 24O-02 [Invited]  System Integration of Nanostructured Materials for Point-of-Care Immune BiosensingYounggeun Park, University of Michigan, USA
09:20 24O-03 Wafer Level Low Temperature Bonding of Industrial Glass Substrates for Life Science; Anke Sanz-Velasco, IMT Masken und Teilungen AG, Switzerland
09:40 24O-04 Adhesive Wafer Bonding for CMOS Based Lab-on-a-Chip Devices; Werner J. Karl, X-FAB MEMS Foundry Itzehoe GmbH, Germany
10:00 24O-05 Low Temperature Covalent Wafer Bonding for X-Ray Imaging Detectors; Nasser Razek, G-Ray Medical & Industries, Switzerland
10:20-10:40 COFFEE BREAK  
10:40 BONDING TECHNOLOGIES FOR HETERO-INTEGRATION 24O-06 [Invited]  Heterogeneous Material Integration and Manufacturing Using Wafer Bonding Technology; Ionut Radu, SOITEC, France Co-Chairs:
C. Chen,
H. Takagi
11:00 24O-07 Ohmic InP/Si Direct Bonding; Ryuichi Inoue, Kyoto University, Japan
11:20 24O-08 High Bonding Yield and Brighter Integrated GaN LED and Si-CMOS; Kwang Hong Lee, Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology, Singapore
11:40 24O-09 [Invited]  Micro-Transfer-Printing for Heterogeneous Integration;Brian Corbett, Tyndall National Institute, Ireland
12:00 24O-10 [Invited]  Integration of Two-Dimensional Materials: Recent Advances and Challenges;Matiar Howlader, McMaster University, Canada
12:20-13:50  LUNCH  
13:50 BONDING TECHNOLOGIES FOR 3D INTEGRATION (2) 24O-11 [Invited]  Electroplated Cu Bump with Ultra-Large Grain Without Thermal Annealing and Kirkendall Void at the Interface of Cu/Sn Joint; Wei-Ping Dow, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan Co-Chairs:
C. Handwerker,
T. Gregorich
14:10 24O-12 Microstructural Effects on Electrodeposited Copper Direct Bonding; Jenn-Ming Song, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan
14:30 24O-13 [Invited]  Low-Temperature Cu-to-Cu Direct Bonding Enabled by Highly (111)-Oriented and Nanotwinned Cu; Chih Chen, National Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan
14:50 24O-14 Low Temperature Direct Bonding of Nanotwinned Ag Thin Films; Fan-Yi Ouyang, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
15:10 24O-15 Light Enhanced Cu to Cu Bonding with Different Electromagnetic Radiations; Yung-Da Chiu, Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Group, Taiwan
15:30 24O-16 Study on Role of Inserted Pt Intermediate Layer Deposited by Atomic Layer Deposition for Cu-Cu Quasi-Direct Bonding; Kosuke Yamada, Waseda University, Japan
15:50-16:10 COFFEE BREAK  
16:10 CHARACTERIZATION AND EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES 24O-17 [Keynote]  Non-Destructive Characterization of Advanced IC Packages with Buried Features Using 3D X-Ray; Thomas Gregorich, Carl Zeiss SMT Inc., USA Co-Chairs:
J. Deen,
N. Hosoda
16:50 24O-18 [Keynote]  Attachment and Anti-Attachment Structures in Plants as Concept Generators for Bioinspired Technical Materials Systems; Thomas Speck, University of Freiburg, Germany
17:30 AWARDS Presenter:
H. Takagi
17:50 CLOSING REMARKS Presenter:
T. Suga
SHORT PRESENTAION for Poster (1) <Honda no Mori>
May 22
BONDING TECHNOLOGIES FOR 3D AND HETERO-INTEGRATION 22P-01 Wafer-Level Hybrid Bonding for Cu/Interlayer-Dielectric Bonding; Masahisa Fujino, AIST, Japan MC:
N. Kawamata,
H. Ishida
22P-02 Triple-Stacked Wafer-to-Wafer Hybrid Bonding for 3D Structured Image Sensors; Yuki Honda, NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories, Japan
22P-03 Evaluation of Adhesive Fracture Energy of Polyimide Interlayer Dielectric Film for Redistribution Layer of Semiconductor Package; Kenta Ono, Graduate School of Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan
22P-04 Cure Shrinkage Behavior Analysis in Ultraviolet Curable Adhesive Using Finite Element Method; Yuga Sato, Graduate School of Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan
22P-05 Fatigue Life Prediction of BGA Solder Joint with Consideration of Microstructural Coarsening; Kouichi Moroka, Graduate School of Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan
22P-06 Effect of Nitride Passivation on Cu Surface for Low Temperature Cu-to-Cu Bonding; Haesung Park, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Korea
22P-07 Copper Direct Bonding with Short Time and Excellent Electrical Property by <111>-Oriented Nano-Twinned Copper; Kai Cheng Shie, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
22P-08 Low Temperature Cu-to-Cu Direct Bonding with Thin Gold Capping on Highly-Orientated Nanotwinned Cu Films; Fu-Chain Chen, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
22P-09 Low Temperature Au-Au Direct Bonding with Highly <111>-Oriented Au films; Wei-You Hsu, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
22P-10 Low Temperature All-Cu Bonding via Cu-Nanoparticle Paste Sintering in Pt-Catalyzed Formic Acid Vapor; Fengwen Mu, Waseda University / Meisei University, Japan
22P-11 Low Temperature Copper-Copper Bonding in Ambient Air Using Hydrogen Radical Pretreatment; Seongbin Shin, The University of Tokyo, Korea
SURFACE ACTIVATED BONDING (SAB) 22P-12 Artifacts in the Structural Analysis of SAB-Fabricated Interfaces by Using Focused Ion Beam; Yutaka Ohno, Tohoku University, Japan
22P-13 Atom Probe Tomography of GaAs Homointerfaces Fabricated by Surface-Activated Bonding; Yasuo Shimizu, Tohoku University, Japan
22P-14 Fabrication of Diamond/Cu Direct Bonding for Power Device Application; Shinji Kanda, Osaka City University, Japan
22P-15 Electrical Properties of p+-GaAs//Patterned Metal Layer/n+-Si Junctions; Takashi Hishida, Osaka City University, Japan
22P-16 Bonding Strength Evaluation of Al Foil/AlN Junctions by Surface Activated Bonding; Shotaro Horikawa, Osaka City University, Japan
22P-17 A Polyimide Film/Aluminum Foil Junction by Modified Surface Activated Bonding; Hidemasa Akazawa, Osaka City University, Japan
22P-18 Lithium Niobate-on-Insulator Waveguide on Si Substrate Fabricated by Room Temperature Bonding; Ryo Takigawa, Kyushu University, Japan
22P-19 Room-Temperature Pressureless Wafer Sealing Using Ultrathin Au Films Activated by Ar Plasma; Michitaka Yamamoto, The University of Tokyo, Japan
ATOMIC DIFFUSION BONDING (ADB) 22P-20 Oxidation of Bonded Thin Ti Films Using Oxide Underlayers in Atomic Diffusion Bonding Process for Optical Applications; Gen Yonezawa, Sony Corp., Japan
22P-21 Novel Sputter Film Deposition to Fabricate Thick Films with Extremely Smooth Surface Suitable for Room Temperature Bonding; Takayuki Saito, Canon Anelva Corporation, Japan
22P-22 Atomic Diffusion Bonding of Wafers Using Thin Nb Films; Miyuki Uomoto, Tohoku University, Japan
22P-23 Atomic Diffusion Bonding of Wafers using a-Ge Films with Extremely Low Electrical Conductivity; Arina Muraoka, Tohoku University, Japan
22P-24 Rearrangement of Crystal Lattice Occurred at Ag/Ag Bonded Interface in Atomic Diffusion Bonding; Shigenobu Matsuda, Tohoku University, Japan
SHORT PRESENTAION for Poster (2) <Honda no Mori>
May 22
RELATED TECHNOLOGIES FOR LOW-TEMPERATURE BONDING 22P-25 Leading Edge Review: What Is an Important Factor of CMP Consumables for 3D Integration Bonding?; Michio Uneda, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan MC:
N. Kawamata,
H. Ishida
22P-26 III-Nitride Epitaxy by Ion Filtered Inductively Coupled Plasma MOCVD; Yi Luo, Tsinghua University, China
NEW PROCESS FOR LOW-TEMPERATURE BONDING 22P-27 Hydrophilic Direct Bonding of monocrystalline (111) Diamond Substrate onto Si Wafer; Takashi Matsumae, AIST, Japan
22P-28 Plasma-Activated Direct Bonding of Coated Optical Glasses; Pascal Birckigt, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering, Germany
22P-29 Wavelength-Conversion Material-Mediated Semiconductor Bonding; Kodai Kishibe, Kyoto University, Japan
22P-30 Solution-Process ZnO-Mediated Semiconductor Bonding; Tatsushi Yamashita, Kyoto University, Japan
22P-31 Hydrogel-Mediated Semiconductor Bonding; Kodai Kishibe, Kyoto University, Japan
22P-32 Low Temperature Polyimide-to-Polyimide Direct Bonding; Hong-Che Liu, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
MEMS FOR POWER APPLICATIONS 22P-33 Sweat Glucose Sensing by Directly Bonded Thin Films; Maksud Alam, McMaster University, Canada
22P-34 Novel Gratings for Astronomical Observations Fabricated by Latest Technologies; Noboru Ebizuka, Riken, Japan
22P-35 Evaluation of Au-Au Bonding After Annealing for Getter Activation -Fabrication of All-Sapphire Cs Gas Cell for Miniature Atomic Clock-; Yuichi Kurashima, AIST, Japan
22P-36 Stacking 4” Si Wafer with Parallel 3-Stepped Micro-Trenches to Deposit Superconducting Material for Magnetic Energy Storage; Minoru Sasaki, Toyota Technological Institute, Japan
22P-37 Deformation Behavior of Pressurized Sintered Ag Nanoparticles in Discrete Type Power Semiconductor Device; Kiichi Nagata, Graduate School of Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan
22P-38 High Temperature Fatigue Crack Propagation Characteristics of Pressureless Sintered Silver Nanoparticles; Koji Osaki, Graduate School of Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan
22P-39 Fracture Analysis of Vertical Direction Crack in Die Attach Joint for Power Semiconductor Device; Hiroshige Sugimoto, Graduate School of Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan
SURFACE ACTIVATED BONDING (SAB) 22P-40 Low Temperature Wafer Bonding with Gas Cluster Ion Beams; Noriaki Toyoda, University of Hyogo, Japan
22P-41 Room-Temperature Wafer Bonding with Titanium Thin Films Based on Formation of Ti/Si Amorphous Layers; Eiji Higurashi, AIST, Japan
22P-42 Room Temperature Bonding of Quartz Glass Using Aluminum Oxide Intermediate Layer; Kai Takeuchi, The University of Tokyo, Japan
22P-43 Room Temperature SiC Wafer Bonding Using SAB Methods; Fengwen Mu, Waseda University / Meisei University, Japan
22P-44 GaN-SiC and GaN-diamond integration via room temperature bonding; Fengwen Mu, Waseda University / Meisei University, Japan
22P-45 The Integration of Ga2O3 on SiC at Room Temperature by Surface Activated Bonding Method; Yang Xu, Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
22P-46 Analysis of SiC/Si Bonding Interface with Thermal Annealing Treatment by XPS; Zexin Wan, Osaka City University, Japan
22P-47 Directly Bonded n+-InGaP/n+-Si Junctions with a Low Interface Resistance; Moritake Sakihara, Osaka City University, Japan