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May 16, Tuesday
9:00 OPENING REMARKS 16GO-01 Introduction to the Innovative Interface Bonding Technology, Tadatomo Suga, The University of Tokyo MC:
N. Kawamata
16GO-02 Ab-Initio Local-Energy Analysis of Fe/TiC Interfaces; Masanori Kohyama, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Co-Chairs:
M. Howlader,
H. Takagi
9:40 16GO-03 Room Temperature SiC-SiC Direct Wafer Bonding by SAB Methods; Fengwen Mu, The University of Tokyo
10:00 16GO-04 Plane-View Transmission Electron Microscopy of Si/GaAs Interfaces Fabricated by Surface-Activated Bonding at Room Temperature; Yutaka Ohno, Tohoku University
10:20-10:40 COFFEE BRAEK  
16GO-05 Gas Cluster Ion Beam Irradiation for Wafer Bonding; Noriaki Toyoda, University of Hyogo Co-Chairs:
M. Takio,
 H. Yokoi
11:00 16GO-06 Enhancement of Light Transmittance for Wafers Bonded with Thin Al Films Using Atomic Diffusion Bonding and Subsequent Laser Irradiation; Masatsugu Ichikawa, Nichia Corporation
11:20 16GO-07 3-Layered Au/SiO2 Hybrid Bonding with 6-µm-Pitch Au Electrodes for 3D Structured Image Sensors; Yuki Honda, NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories
11:40 16GO-08 Distributed Face Cooling Scheme for Tiny Laser Power Scale-up; Arvydas Kausas, Institute for Molecular Science
12:00 16GO-09 Wafer Bonding Tool Including Dual Plasma Capability for In-situ Sputter Etching Prior to Aligned Bonding; Vytas Masteika, Applied Microengineering Ltd.
12:20-13:50  LUNCH  
13:50 MEMS and  SENSOR INTEGRATION 16GO-10 [Keynote]  Wafer-to-Wafer Bonding for Vacuum and Hermetic Packaging of Smart Sensors; Dorota Temple, RTI Co-Chairs:
W. Paik,
E. Higurashi
14:30 16GO-11 Al-Al Wafer-Level Thermocompression Bonding Applied for MEMS; Maaike Takio, SINTEF
14:50 16GO-12 Low-Temperature Solder Bonding and Thin Film Encapsulation for Wafer Level Packaged MEMS Aiming at Harsh Environment; Chengkuo Lee, National University of Sinpore
15:10 16GO-13 Approaches for Wafer Level Packaging and Heterogeneous System Integration for CMOS and MEMS Sensors; Ronny Gerbach, X-FAB MEMS Foundry GmbH
15:30 16GO-14 Bond Strength of 3D-Stacked Monocrystalline Silicon X-ray Mirrors; David Girou, cosine measurement systems
15:50-16:10 COFFEE BRAEK  
16:10 LOW-TEPMERATURE BONDING and APPLICATIONS 16GO-15 [Keynote]  Micro- & Nano-Systems Integration- the Next Frontier; Matir Howlader, Macmaster University Co-Chairs:
D. Temple,
 J. Mizuno
16:50 16GO-16 Fabric-Based Fine Pitch Interconnect Technology Using Anisotropic Conductive Films (ACFs); Kyung W. Paik, KAIST
17:10 16GO-17 Low Temperature Cu/In Bonding for 3D Integration; Iuliana Panchenko,  Technische Universität Dresden
17:30 16GO-18 Study on Low Temperature Cu Bonding and Temporary  Bond/De -Bond  for RDL-First Fan-Out Panel Level Package; Cheng-Ta Ko, Unimicron Technology
17:50 16GO-19 Wafer Bonding Defects Inspection by IR Microphotoelasticity in Reflection Mode; Alain Bosseboeuf, Université Paris Sud
May 17, Wednesday
8:30 BONDING PROCESS INTEGRATION 17GO-01 [Keynote]  Low Temperature Direct Bonding Comparison; Frank Fournel, Leti Co-Chairs:
M. Groosky,
T. Shimatsu
9:10 17GO-02 Low-Temperature Direct Bonding of Silicon to Quartz Glass Wafer via Sequential Wet Chemical Surface Activation; Chenxi Wang, Harbin Institute of Technology
9:30 17GO-03 Novel Sequential Plasma Activation Method for Direct Glass Bonding; Ran He, The University of Tokyo
9:50 17GO-04 Room Temperature Fabrication of Semiconductor Interfaces; Viorel Dragoi, EV Group
10:10 17GO-05 Characterization of Inorganic Dielectric Layers for Low Thermal Budget Wafer-to-Wafer Bonding; Fumihiro Inoue, IMEC
10:30-10:50 COFFEE BRAEK  
10:50-11:50 SHORT PRESENTAION for Poster MC:
N. Kawamata
11:50-13:20 LUNCH / POSTER  
N. Kawamata
14:40-15:30 POSTER  
15:30 HETERO-INTEGRATION 17GO-06 Various GaAs to Si Wafer Bonding Approaches for Solar Cells Applications; Vincent Larrey, Leti Co-Chairs:
H. Oppermann,
N. Shigekawa
15:50 17GO-07 Transport Characteristics of Optically-Excited and Electrically-Injected Minority Electrons Across p-Si/n-SiC Hetero-Interfaces; Naoteru Shigekawa, Osaka City University
16:10 17GO-08 Novel Integration Method for III–V Semiconductor Devices on Silicon Platform Based on Direct Bonding and MOVPE Growth; Kazuhiko Shimomura, Sophia University
16:30 17GO-09 Tunneling Devices over Van der Waals Bonded Hetero-Interface; Rusen Yan, Cornell University
16:50 17GO-10 N2-Plasma Activated Bonding for GaInAsP/SOI Hybrid Lasers; Nobuhiko Nishiyama, Tokyo Institute of Technology
17:10 17GO-11 Integration of 200 mm Si-CMOS and III-V Materials through Wafer Bonding; Kwang Hong Lee, Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology
17:30 RECEPTION ( Bus Transfer to Tokyo Bay Cruise )  
May 18, Thursday
8:30 STUDENT SESSION 18SO-01 [Keynote]  Advanced Packaging for Wide Band Gap Pwer Semiconductors; Gudrun Feix, Technische Universität Berlin Co-Chairs:
K. Takeuchi,
 K. Jerchel
9:00 18SO-02 Low Temperature Cu-Cu Direct Bonding by (111) Oriented Nano-Twin Cu; Jing-Ye Juang, National Chiao Tung University
9:15 18SO-03 Low-Temperature Low-Pressure Bonding by Nanocomposites; Jen-Hsiang Liu, National Chung Hsing University
9:30 18SO-04 Sn-Bi Added Ag-Based Transient Liquid Phase Sintering for Low Temperature Bonding; Khairi Faiz Muhammad, Waseda University
9:45 18SO-05 Optimized Ultra-Thin Manganin Alloy Passivated Fine-Pitch Damascene Compatible Cu-Cu Bonding at Sub 200°C for 3D IC Integration; Asisa Kumar Panigrahi, The Indian Institute of Technology
10:00 18SO-06 A Low-Temperature Solid-State Bonding Method Using Cu Microcones Modified with Ag and Ag Buffer; Menglong Sun, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
10:15-10:30 COFFEE BREAK  
10:30 STUDENT SESSION 18SO-07 [Keynote]  Fabrication of Highly Efficient Four-Junction Solar Cells by Surface-Activated Wafer-Bonding; Felix Predan, Fraunhofer ISE Co-Chairs:
K. Jerchel,
 K. Takeuchi
11:00 18SO-08 Room Temperature Bonding and Debonding of PI Film and Glass Substrate Based on SAB Method; Kai Takeuchi, The University of Tokyo
11:15 18SO-09 A Modified Water Glass Adhesive Bonding Method Using Spot Pressing Bonding Technique; Yang Xu, Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences
11:30 18SO-10 Bonding Mechanism and Electrochemical Impedance of Directly Bonded Liquid Crystal Polymer and Copper; Arif Ul Alam, Macmaster University
11:45-13:40  LUNCH  
13:40 PACKAGING INTEGRATION 18GO-01 [Keynote]  Tackling Low Temperature Bonding in Fine Pitch Applications; Hermann Oppermann, Fraunhofer IZM Co-Chairs:
F. Fournel,
 N. Toyoda
14:20 18GO-02 Low Temperature Metal-Metal Bonding for Heterogeneous Integration and Performance Scaling; Mark Goorsky, University of California
14:40 18GO-03 Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure on Direct Cu Bonding; Jenn-Ming Song, National Chung Hsing University
15:00 18GO-04 Feasibility Study on Ultrafine-Pitch Cu-Cu Bonding Using Directed Self- Assembly; Murugesan Mariappan, Tohoku University
15:20 18GO-05 [Keynote]  Next Generation Computing Systems with Heterogeneous Packaging Integration; John U. Knickerbocker, IBM - T.J. Watson Research Center
16:00-16:30 COFFEE BRAEK  
16:30 TUTORIAL 18GO-06 Development of Thermoelectric Materials with Improved Figure of Merit for Better Conversion Efficiency; Helmut Baumgart, Old Dominion University  
17:30 AWARDS  
17:50 CLOSING REMARKS H, Baumgard
18:30 STUDENT RECEPTION (Restaurant Abreuvoir)  
May 17
Surface Activated Bonding (SAB) 17GP-01 Surface Activated Room-Temperature Bonding in Ar Gas Ambience for MEMS Encapsulation; Hideki Takagi, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) MC:
N. Kawamata
17GP-02 Surface Activated Wafer Bonding of LiNbO3 and SiO2/Si for LNOI on Si; Ryo Takigawa, Kyushu University
Atomic Diffusion Bonding (ADB) 17GP-03 Shear Strength of Room-Temperature-Bonded Sapphire and Metal Substrates Using Au Films; Hitoe Kon, Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd.
17GP-04 Demonstration of Laser Oscillation of An Yb-Doped Y2O3 Composite Disk by Use of Atomic Diffusion Bonding in Room Temperature; Takeshi Higashiguchi, Utsunomiya University
17GP-05 Room Temperature Bonding of InGaAs Wafers Using Thin Ge Films; Miyuki Uomoto, FRIS,Tohoku University
Electronic Properties of Bonding Interface 17GP-06 Electrical Conduction of Si/ITO/Si Junctions Fabricated by Surface Activated Bonding; Jianbo Liang, Osaka City University
17GP-07 Impacts of Bonding-Layer Resistance of Si Bottom Cells on Interface Resistance In InGaP/GaAs/Si Hybrid Triple-Junction Cells; Naoteru Shigekawa, Osaka City University
17GP-08 Development of GaAs//Si Current-Balanced Dual Junction  Solar Cell Integrated by Surface-Activated Bonding; Kentaroh Watanabe, The University of Tokyo
17GP-09 Interface Properties of Surface Activated Bonded CNT Bumps and Au Substrate; Masahisa Fujino, The University of Tokyo
3D & Hetero Integration 17GP-10 2D Material Transfer Using Room Temperature Bonding; Takashi Matsumae, The University of Tokyo
17GP-11 Direct Transfer of Atomically Smooth Au Film onto Electroplated Patterns for Room-Temperature Au-Au Bonding in Atmospheric Air; Yuichi Kurashima, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
17GP-12 Stacking Wafer with Multi-Stepped Silicon Micro-Trenches to Deposit Superconducting Material for Magnetic Energy Storage; Minoru Sasaki, Toyota Technological Institute
Hydrophilic Bonding 17GP-13 Effect of Plasma Treatment for Removing Aliphatic Contaminants by Infrared Spectroscopy on MgO(100) and Quartz Substrates; Yuki Nagao, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
17GP-14 UV/Ozone-Assisted Bonding for InAs/GaAs Quantum Dot Lasers on Si; Yuan-Hsuan Jhang, The University of Tokyo
17GP-15 Direct Bond Optimisation via In Situ Water Vapour Injection and Controlled Anneal Ramp Rate; Vytas Masteika, Applied Microengineering Ltd.
Equipments and Characterization 17GP-16 Temporary Wafer Carrier for Thin Wafer Handling; Vytas Masteika, Applied Microengineering Ltd.
17GP-17 Automatic Maszara Testing Jig; Vytas Masteika, Applied Microengineering Ltd.
17GP-18 Fracture Behavior of the∑13 Grain Boundary of α-Alumina; Eita Tochigi, The University of Tokyo
May 17
Surface Activated Bonding (SAB) 17SP-01 Ar+H2 atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Treatment for Au-Au Bonding and Influence of Air Exposure on Surface Contamination; Michitaka Yamamoto, The University of Tokyo MC:
N. Kawamata
17SP-02 Hydrogen Radical Treatment for Indium Surface Oxide Removal and Re-oxidation Behaviour; Kohta Furuyama, The University Of Tokyo
17SP-03 Optimization of GCIB Irradiation Conditions for Surface Activated Bonding; Shota Ikeda, University of Hyogo
17SP-05 Surface Activated Bonding of Si Wafers at Liquid Nitrogen Temperature; Yasuhisa Morishita, The University of Tokyo
17SP-06 Electrical Properties of Al-Foil/4H-SiC Schottky Junctions Fabricated by Surface-Activated Bonding; Sho Morita, Osaka City University
17SP-07 A Study on Low Temperature SAM Modified POM Direct Bonding Affected by VUV/O3 Irradiation; Weixin Fu, Waseda University
Direct Cu Bonding 17SP-08 Cu-Cu Direct Bonding by Introducing Au Intermediate Layer; Hirokazu Noma, Waseda University
17SP-09 Low Temperature Direct Cu Bonding Assisted by Residual Stress; Zong-Yu Xie, National Chung Hsing University
17SP-10 Hydrogen Radical Treatment for Surface Oxide Removal of Copper Metal; Seongbin Shin, The University of Tokyo
17SP-11 Influence of Geometric Pattern Design and Surface Roughness on Thermal Performance of Copper to Copper Bonding; Kathleen Jerchel, The University of Tokyo
III-V Integration 17SP-12 Double Taper-type Mode Convertor for Direct Bonded
III-V/SOI Hybrid Photonic Devices; Nobuhiko Nishiyama, Tokyo Institute of Technology
17SP-13 Bonding Temperature Dependence of GaInAsP/InP Wafer Grown on Directly Bonded InP/Si Substrate; Masaki Aikawa, Sophia Unversity
17SP-14 Lasing Characteristics of MOVPE Grown 1.5mm GaInAsP LD Using Directly Bonded InP/Si Substrate; Natsuki Hayansaka, Sophia University
17SP-15 Analysis of the Influence of Interface Charges on the Electrical Characteristics of GaAs/GaN Junctions; Shoji Yamajo, Osaka City University
Wafer Bonding 17SP-16 Graphene-Mediated Wafer Bonding to Prepare Monolayer-Cored Double Heterostructures for High-Performance Nanooptoelectronics; Takenori Naito, Kyoto University
17SP-17 Atomic Structure of Ti-Doped Alumina Grain Boundaries Fabricated in Air and Reducing Atmosphere; Saki Ishihara, The University of Tokyo
17SP-18 Wafer Bonding Using Smooth Titanium Thin Films in Air Atmosphere; Hayato Azuma, The University of Tokyo
17SP-19 Understanding the Environmental Influence on Semiconductor Wafer Bonding; Nagito Takehara, Kyoto University
Bonding for Nano-Micro System 17SP-20 Fabrication Processes of Magneto-Optic Waveguides with Si Guiding Layer for Optical Nonreciprocal Devices; Salinee Choowitsakunlert, Shibaura Institute of Technology
17SP-21 Grating Design for Packaged Wavelength Selective Infrared Emitter Using Surface Plasmon Polariton; Shuga Yahagi, Toyota Technical Institute
17SP-22 Fabrication and Evaluation of Molding and Bonding Tools for Au Micromirror Formation; Ryutaro Nishimura, The University of Tokyo
Thermal Reliablility  17SP-23 Study on Low-cycle Fatigue Testing and Thermal Fatigue Life Prediction of Electroplated Copper Thin Film for Through Hole Via; Kazuki Watanabe, Shibaura Institute of Technology
17SP-24 Temperature Dependence of Fatigue Crack Propagation Rate of Pressureless Sintered Ag Nanoparticles; Ryo Kimura, Shibaura Institute of Technology